Bill of Sale

Full Name(s): _____________________________________________________________
Physical Address:__________________________________________________________
Phone: ___________________________
Email: ___________________________

Full Name(s): _____________________________________________________________
Physical Address:__________________________________________________________
Phone: ___________________________
Email: ___________________________
The Object of the Sale is: _______________________________________________
Firearm Serial Number: _______________________________________________
Manufacturer: _______________________________________________
Type: (Rifle, handgun) _______________________________________________
Model: _______________________________________________
Caliber: _______________________________________________
The Seller guarantees that he/she is the true and lawful owner of the above-described firearm and that it is free of all encumbrances and any and all legal claims. Attach a copy of the buyer’ driver’s license.
The Buyer is of legal age and legally competent to enter into this agreement.
The Purchase price is the sum of:
____________________________________ dollars, ($___________________)

Seller’s Signature: ____________________________________________ Date:__________
Buyer’s Signature: ___________________________________________ Date:__________


How to legally sell your Firearm (Sell your Guns)

We all saw the announcements made last week from the current administration. (Click here to get a summary of the executive orders)  While no new laws have been finalized, it appears the climate for private gun ownership will be changing in the near future.  Congress needs to hem and haw for a while before we know exactly what (if there are any) new laws being implemented. 

In the meanwhile…..what if you want to sell a firearm as private owner to another private owner?  While it’s still legal to simply sell your firearm to someone else with no legal recourse, if you are a concerned citizen and want to leave a paper trail, here is what NFDN recommends:

–          Call your local gun dealer to see if they are willing to process a transfer for you.

–          Explain to them you just want to do a universal background check on whomever you plan on selling your firearm and are willing to pay the transfer fee.

–          Explain to the buyer of the firearm that you can meet them at a local gun dealer so you can process a background check.

–          NOTE: Some cities and states have a waiting period to complete the background check.  Be sure to ask the dealer if this is the case.

–          Meet up with your buyer and pay the transfer fee to the dealer in order to get the universal background check.

–          The dealer can then release the firearm once the background check is completed.  

–          Make sure you provide a detailed bill of sale (Firearm Bill of Sale Template).  You will need two copies, one for yourself and one for the buyer.  It is also a good idea to get a copy of the buyers driver’s license to attach to your copy of the bill of sale.

This is the simplest method that provides a paper trail.  While the process is not ideal it will keep your firearm “on the books” to ensure you are selling your firearm to someone who can legally purchase a firearm.  Good Luck!